MajiLib is a set of macros for use by druid characters in the game World of Warcraft.

i've stopped development of these macros since I recently (July 2006) quit playing the game. feel free to use them for whatever you want, rip em of, whatever... enjoy!


you can find the latest version here.


extract the zip file into your Interface/AddOns folder
please ensure that the .lua, .toc, and .xml are placed in a folder named MajiLib


edit the .toc file (using a text editor) in the directory named above to reflect the most recent version of the WoW macro API
the line to edit should look something like this:

## Interface: 11100

change the number to the most recent version


here are some macros that use MajiLib:

smart innervate your target and tell a channel about it
/script if( Maji_Innervate("target") ) then Maji_SendToChan("myChan", "<< Innervated %t >>"); end;

This will not innervate the target if:

use the Zand. Hero Charm (ZHC) and cast rejuvenation
/script Maji_ZHC(); Maji_Rejuvenation("target");

rejuv + swiftmend
/script Maji_RejuvenationSwiftmend("target");

fast (instant) healing touch
/script Maji_FastHealingTouch("target");

smart healing touch
/script Maji_HealingTouch("target");

this macro will check your target's health and cast the appropriate healing touch.
good for saving mana
known bug: doesn't seem to work with Healing Touch(Rank 11) always

Copyright (C) 2006, Sheldon Andrews